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Monday, March 16, 2009

Star Ocean Second Evolution Character Acquiring Guide

  • Claude and Rena are default characters.
  • Celine -you can get at Krosse City after obtaining the travelling permit.
  • Ashton- After the kidnapping incident at the forest of symbols, head for Harley and talk to the old man at the entrance. He will mention about a dragon in salva mines. Head to Salva and enter the mines and look for the sign saying beware of dragons. Following the path, you should see Ashton. Recruiting Ashton means that you cant recruit Opera and Ernest.
  • Precis(My Favourite^^)- When arriving at Linga for the first time, you will see a scene involving Precis chasing Robbie(her robot). Exit Linga and re-enter in private action. Speak to Precis by Bowman's pharmacy to recruit. Recruiting her means that you can't recruit Bowman.
  • Bowman- After completing the quest and the Sacred Grounds of Linga(herb gathering), head back to Bowman's house. If Precis is not in your party, then Bowman will offer to join.
  • Leon- After reaching the settlement on Ell kingdom(after drifted ashore by after being attacked by the vampire dude), talk to the chief. You will then get the option of either recruiting Leon or leaving him there.
  • Opera- You need a specific P.A. for this. To trigger the P.A. you need to defeat the monster at Langus Mountain. Then do a P.A. at Marze. Now head to Krosse and do a P.A. and head to the Castle. This a 3-eyed man will appear if the event at Kurik or Marze has occured. Now head to Hilton and enter the bar. After the scene is over, head to Krosse and ask permission to go to the Mountain Palace. At the Mountain Palace, you should find Opera and later on should be able to reqruit her.
  • Ernest- If you have Opera, then find her ship in the Sacred Forest. You should then be able to recruit Ernest.
  • Noel- You can recruit after getting your Psynard. He offers to join.
  • Chisato- After arriving on Energy Nede and meeting Mayor Mell for the first time, head to the town center. There should be a scene where Chisato runs away. Later at North City, you should meet Chisato as you head up the path. Then later at the Crimson Cave where you will get your Psynard, you should see Chisato again and this time she drops her card. Pick this up. After getting the Psynard, head back to Centropolis. Head to first see the Mayor, then go to the second floor where you can meet Chisato and finally recruit her.
  • Welch(My other favourite^^)- At Lacuer City, after the Armory Contest and before you complete Bowman's request, do a P.A. and head to the castle. You can recruit Welch here.
  • Dias- You can recruit him at the Lacuer Front Line Base after the conference has started. Head to the general store to talk to him and recruit. You can only recruit him if you are playing as Rena.


jerome buan said...

thank you i help me!!!!

jerome buan said...

when do whe have an star ocean 3

jerome buan said...

thank you!!!!!!!

Hikari said...

I don't know. Sorry. I think I heard that the project was stopped or something though. But I really hope not!

Ryuu Mamori said...

I looked all over for a character guide, and this was the only one I could find. ><

That's a lot, it really helped.

Sageofair said...

Can you miss Opera?

Wings Su said...

to get opera,do a P.A. at krosse to meet with a guy with 3 eye(ernest) at the pathway to castle krosse,and after lacuer armory contest is finish,to to hilton pub(do not P.A.)
to meet opera,after that go to meet king of krosse to get permission to the mountain palace,and there u can recruit opera :)